PLEASE NOTE: This template is for desktop use only. Due to file size, the template will not work in the Canva mobile app.

How to access your template

This template is edited with the free Design platform Canva. You will need a account to edit this template.

If you don’t currently have a Canva account. You will need to register for one before downloading this template.

The link for the template is located on the digital download sheet you receive after purchase. After clicking on the link Canva will open in a new tab.

Select ‘Use Template’ to access your template. This will automatically save this template in your Canva account. You can now edit your template.

How to edit your template

You edit your collage template first in Canva as a whole image and later split the template into 18 images ready for Instagram. If you haven’t used Canva before we suggest you visit Canva Design School and watch some video tutorials. Don’t worry Canva is very easy to use and this won’t take long.

Changing the background color

To change the background colour, select the background and then select the colour swatch on the top left-hand corner. Change the colour to whatever you desire.


Note: You can only change the background colour by clicking an area without an image or shadow. This can be a little bit difficult to find sometimes. Click around the edges of the template and you will find the background layer.

How to add your own images

To add your own images and/or logo:

1. Select ‘Uploads’ from the side panel.

2. Select the ‘Upload an image or video’ button.

3. Select the file you wish to upload.

4. Drag and drop the image onto the template

How to change the font

1. Select the text box.

2. Click on the font drop-down menu in the editor toolbar.

3. Browse through the font selections or search for a font name.

4. Click on the font you wish to use. The new font will be automatically applied to the text box.

Downloading your Instagram Collage

1. In the top right corner select ‘Export’ A dropdown will appear

2. Select ‘Download’

3. Change the file type to JPG. (PNG. is too large)

4. Select the edited page you want to download in ‘Select Pages’

5. Select ‘Download’


Split the template into 18 images

NOTE: Canva currently doesn’t support image splitting within the app itself.
To split your Collage into an 18 post grid, we recommend using this online tool:


1. Upload the image

2. Leave the columns at 3 and change the rows to 6

3. Expand the selected area over the entire image

4. Select ‘Split image’

5. The file will be saved as a Zip file to your download folder. Upzip and upload to your mobile.


Image Splitter numbers the images for you. Post each photo in order from least to greatest, as shown on the image (first number 1, then number 2, 3, 4, etc…).

Use a scheduling tool like Later (Use this link for 10 free posts) or Canva Pro’s Content Planner to plan your Instagram posts in advance.

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