How to access your template

This template is edited with the free design platform Canva. You will need a account to edit this template.

If you don’t currently have a Canva account. You will need to register for one before downloading this template.

The link for the template is located on the digital download sheet you receive after purchase. After clicking on the link Canva will open in a new tab.

Select ‘Use Template’ to access your template. This will automatically save this template in your Canva account. You can now edit your template.


How to edit your template

If you haven’t used Canva before we suggest you visit Canva Design School and watch some video tutorials. Don’t worry Canva is very easy to use and this won’t take long.


Changing the background Colour

To change the colour of a design element or background:

1. Select the element.

2. Select the colour swatch on the top left-hand corner.

3. Change the colour to whatever you desire.

How to add your own images

To add your own images and/or logo:

1. Select ‘Uploads’ from the side panel.

2. Select the ‘Upload an image or video’ button.

3. Select the file you wish to upload.

4. Drag and drop the image onto the template


How to change the font

1. Select the text box.

2. Click on the font drop-down menu in the editor toolbar.

3. Browse through the font selections or search for a font name.

4. Click on the font you wish to use. The new font will be automatically applied to the text box.


Add links to your Bio-Link Website

Once you have made your edits you add the links:

1. Select the text you want to link

2. Click on the LINK icon – and a text box will be opened.

3. Add the URL for the text

4. Repeat the process for each of the texts you want to link.

Publish your new site

1. Click ‘Publish as Website’

2. Four options will appear

  • Presentation – Multi-page site with easy page controls.
  • Scrolling – Single-page site with parallax effect.
  • Classic navigation – Multi-page site with navigation bar (there’s a navigation bar on the top of the screen. On mobile it has a nice burger icon for the dropdown menu).
  • Standard – Single-page site with a navigation bar.

We recommend ‘the Scrolling’ option.

3. Click ‘Open Website’

4. Copy the URL- This is the link for your new website

5. To shorten this link we recommend sites such as


6. Paste this link to your social media bio links such as your Instagram and Tiktok.