If you are looking to launch your Instagram feed with a bang or add an interesting feature point to your Instagram. An Instagram Collage or sometimes called an Instagram Puzzle is perfect for you.

So what is an Instagram Collage?

It is one large design with a series of images, text and other design elements. The large design is then ‘split’ into 18x perfectly square posts, ready to be uploaded to Instagram one by one recreating the full design.

Benefits of creating an Instagram Collage for your Instagram feed:

•  Save time and energy creating 18 posts from one design.

•  Stand out to your audience with unique content

•  Intrigue your audience with what’s coming next.


How to create an Instagram collage

1. Choose the design software that you would like to use. For example Canva, Photoshop or Easil. 

2. For a Collage with 18x posts create a design that is 6480x 3240px.

3. Design a collage with a series of images, design elements and text.

4. Publish your design to your desktop.

5. Split the image using a website such as Post Cron or Pinetools. To split the grid, upload your design. Then, select these options: JPG, Vertical: 6, Horizontal: 3.

6. You are now ready to post to Instagram! Post a split square each day or schedule your posts using Canva Pro, Later  (Use this link for 10 free posts) or Planoly.

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